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General Foot Care


Upon your first appointment with us, we will carry out a full medical history check. It is important to understand your medical history as this enables us to give you the correct course of treatments.


We provide essential assessment, evaluation and foot care for a wide range of patients. Many patients will have long-standing foot problems for which there is no cure - but there's no reason to panic!


We play a major role in keeping these people mobile and make a real difference to their lives. At Feetwise, we use a variety of clinical and assessment skills to give patients advice and treatment to improve their foot health.

Verrucas & Warts


A verruca is caused by the papilloma virus, which generally affects school age children, although adults can also be infected, too. These warts are usually ‘picked up’ from communal barefoot areas such as changing rooms, so the spread of this infection is impossible to predict.


The likelihood of picking up a verruca depends on many factors, including the persons’ susceptibility to the virus, so not everyone will 'pick up' a verruca in the same place.


With verruca treatments, we will take a full medical history before discussing the many treatments available for you (which are effective), the old wives’ tales (there’s a lot of them) and those that cause more damage than good!


Once we've talked it through, we'll then be able make a decision on how you want to proceed with your treatment.




Biomechanics is concerned with the "preservation, restoration and development of the function of the foot and its associated structure."


In other words, Biomechanics is the little quirks in our body that can make movement (often walking/exercise) a little tricky from time to time. At Feetwise, we're happy to help you out.


There are many biomechanical investigations we use to help assess and evaluate the patients we treat.


A lot of biomechanical problems are treated with orthotics. These are custom-made insoles created specifically for each patient, that aims to improve function and reduce symptoms. We can provide orthotics ourselves, but in some special cases we have them made externally.

Athlete's Foot


Athlete’s Foot is a fungal infection that affects 15 percent of the population at any given point; although this rises to 25 percent of the ‘sporty’ population, hence its name.


The medical term for the infection is ‘tinea pedis’, and results in hot, red, itchy feet and toes for the individual. Fortunately, it’s easily treated by following a strict treatment plan for 2-4 weeks at home.


During the course of the treatment, Feetwise will take a full medical history and discuss a treatment plan with you.


We’ll also explain to you how to treat the infection and provide you with steps that you can take to reduce the risk of re-occurrence.



A diabetic foot can be affected by both neuropathys (which affects nerves; causes pain or numbness) and circulatory changes. Additional problems can also be caused by trauma and infection, which can potentially cause serious foot issues if left untreated.


It is advisable for all diabetics to have an annual foot health check. As part of Feetwise's treatment, we can carry this out for you and send a copy to your local GP; but before you book with Feetwise, please check with your GP, as you may be entitled to a free NHS Diabetes check.


We will also be able to give you advice on how to keep your feet fit and healthy, and how to avoid further problems in the future.

Foot Hygienist: Nail Care


Taking care of your nails is as important as taking good care of your skin, so during our first appointment, we'll take a full medical history before discussing a relevant treatment plan with you.


Common nail care practices Feetwise can provide you with include:

  • Cutting and shaping nails,
  • Reducing the thickness of your nails,
  • Professional advice on nail maintenance,
  • What products to use to keep your nails in good condition.


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